Friday, May 14, 2010

The Snake Bite

This accident was seeing on the television, when animal tamer try to playing a big snake like mamba snake. By touching the body part of the snake. The snake may feel angry because being played by this man and then the snake strike on the tamer hands, but several time the snake strike is missed. When the body is touch on the right side the snake is strike to the right try to bite a hand’s animal tamer. When touch in the left side, the snake also try to bite by strike to the left. Several times this snake is fail to get the hands tamer.

After several times the snake try to strike the hand then this snake can catch and bite the hands of this animal tamer, just on the palm of the hand. As usual then the snake is try coiling this man body by coiling the hand and try to coil the body by this animal tamer have known what should be done, his body is down to press the snake tail and the snake can’t coiling this man through the body and neck. The snake jaw is very strong and the snake teeth is very sharp, if you try to pull out from the snake bite, your hand can be torn and your hand can be cut off. To overcome this accident then he ask to help to his assistant to take a much of water, and pour water to the snake head. After about three-time pouring water to this snakehead then the snake release their bite and then this animal tamer can loose from bite snake.

I do not know why the snake release their bite after their head is pouring by water. However, logically this snake may feel difficult to breath and better to release their bite.

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