Monday, May 31, 2010

Animals Behavior

Animal’s life is wild as human being said, but actually, animals do not need others beside power and food. If these all have fulfilled, animals will stay calm and never disturb others. Sometimes animals fight to get their food and their couples but not all behave like this, after they get and the others recognize his power, this animal will not disturb anymore and stay calmly.

Animals just need food for to day and never stock the food for another day, so other food still on the source, and will not disturb other to take the food if they have satisfied, even the rest food will leave after they satisfied and other animals may take the rest.

Different with human being, we are never feeling satisfied, we always accumulate food and think to stock, sometimes do not share with others. This condition sometimes make other people less of food but we have too much of food. Even if we have more food while other, less of food we do not want to share with the less one. People can think and always feel worry that the other day don’t eat. People can omit this feeling, so sometime difficult to share with others. People never lets their thing take by others, and always keep in certain place to stock. Sometime using strong lock to keep this thing in order other can’t take their thing. Other people can take this stock but must change with other thing, we say this by barter. People is greed like animals but animal still behave limited greed not like people, the basic character of people is never feel satisfied.

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