Saturday, June 2, 2012


An ox is a fully grown castrated bull; a younger castrated bull; a younger castrated bull is called a steer. A number of breeds or types of cattle have been to produce large, powerful oxen for use as draft animals, as was done by the Afrikaners of South Africa and is now being done by Dutch-Americans in the vicinity of Holand, Mich. The term ox also refers to members of the subfamily Bovinae, in the family Bovidae, and includes the Asiatic buffaloes, genera Bubalus and Anoa, the African buffalo, Syncerus; true cattle, Bos and bison, Bison. More specifically, ox refers to the true cattle, or members of the genus Bos.

The kouprey, a wild ox native to Cambodia, was discovered in 1936. Rare even then, the kouprey has been driven to virtual extinction by the prolonged warfare in Indochina.