Monday, June 23, 2008

Java Rhinoceros Recognize Infra-Red Light

This tell about WWF activity in conservation forest Ujung Kulon west Java. All environmental organizational activist, World Wildlife Fund ( WWF) agape a moment to see the record of a Java rhinoceros nuzzling camera video trap which they install. How do not because there is no lamp around and camera record rhinoceros activity uses the infra-red light.

Onthis record taken at Maret-April 2008, seen two heads rhinoceros in National Park of Ujung Kulon, West Java, seen a mother and a child, moment recorded both seeing kept quiet for a second. Later; then, rhinoceros mother closed to the camera and in a short time nuzzle it.

Camera then dies and record, Lucky, camera protected by waterproof thick bale of plastic material do not broken and chafed only. Moment all activities find it few days then, the camera lie above the land.

"Probably because the distance is too close so that rhinoceros can see the infra-red light," say the Adhi Rachmat Hariyadi, Site Manager WWF for Indonesia at TN Ujung Kulon, moment announce the result of first video trap record about Java rhinoceros life. But, until date still unpredictable why the rhinoceros mother seems knows that being recorded. Others dissimilar rhinoceros are also recorded the same distance but do not see annoyed with the camera. Adhi tell the rhinoceros which is being suckle its child possible more sensitive so that can recognize the infra-red light wave.

To ascertain the mentioned require further research. Java Rhinoceros is inclusive animal which still not a lot of researched yet. The animal mousy and solitary so that even difficult be met directly.

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