Friday, March 26, 2010

Rhinoceros Behave For Safety

Every animal have different behaviour each other, and sometime their behaviour is very useful for our safe or for our environmental protection. Like on the tsunami disaster last time there are many elephant that run far from the sea because of unknown reason. One of the elephant owner run after his elephant until several km far because his elephant run away, but after several km then he stop to run and several minutes then the sea flooded after him and the strange cases the sea water don’t touch the place where elephant stand just several meters. The other sign of this tsunami disaster actually also happen in Aceh, when the troop in the jungle see a group of bird in the sky fly away of the sea, then captain of this troop feel strange and decide to stop go to straight and then turn the group back to the same direction like the way of the birds flying, and several minutes after this sign the disaster come, the sea flooded to the land and reach the jungle where this group of troop walking.

 Rhinoceros also have strange behaviour in the jungle, when people light up a fire in the jungle like in the night make a campfire, rhino will run to this fire and light off the fire by step on the fire. This behaviour of rhino is always happen in west java conservation area, that people is not allowed to make a campfire in the night, because can invite java rhinoceros. That is why on the java there is no forest fire while in Kalimantan forest always on fire every year, because no rhino in there. Rhinoceros is one of endanger animals that protect by government and this also one of ancient animals that still alive in Java.

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