Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Last Dinosaurus Clan

Museum worker in New Zealand express that reptile which is considered to be the last clan of Dinosaurus which above on this world will become a father for the first time in ten years on the age of -111. Henry, name of this tuatara, with his couple that is younger, Mildred releases many of eggs last month after marrying in Museum Southland, south Island of New Zealand, Last March.

This Tuatara curator Tuatara, Lindsay Hazley, Wednesday then tells about Henry’s live in the special place in a special museum of Tuatara since 1970 and show don’t want to marry because of last cancer which grows in his genitals that is taken or operated. He now enjoy for the real live, consorted three female tuatara which will bear again next March. Australia as known has many reptile type that each of this animals have amazing character like Thorny Devil from Australian Dezert. Tuatara if look to the physical form, this animals like Thorny Devil or like a Komodo from Komodo Island of Indonesia.

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