Thursday, March 27, 2008

Thorny Devil Lizard

Amazing Lizard form Australian desert.

Slowly move their right back foot then put into the disc contains of water. This is a Thorny Lizard, act seem not as dangerous as seen, even their body fully of keen thorn, the length of this lizard estimate until man shoulder high just 2 cm less. This lizard look so sweet to the cruel environment, that dwelt by most noxious snake in the world include inland taipan (Oxyuranus microlepidotus) which can kill one hundred people by 30 gram poison and also desert death adder (Acanthophis pyrrhus), what its name have depicted its buttonhole.

The environment of that desert is very cruel, where the wind fizzing among the mulga trees (Acacia aneura) that feel like puff of hair dryer with maximum setting. In here in the desert field, in the dried part of the dried world that live by human, we must know exactly of water position to get next drink water. After 30 second their foot put into the disc their back the wet, water from the disc have diffused through their foot up to the body, and a few second water have come up into their mouth, the lizard taste by the tongue. Basically this lizard drink by their foots. This lizard can accumulate water from the damp sand, an excellent ability of desert dweller.

The skin more hydrophobic that you ever think, this may any hide capillary pipe in their foots that can flowing water to the mouth. Thorny Devil lizard from the dry Australian desert show the magic ability by sipping water up to the mouth through by aqueduct among the scales. The scientist hope able to imitate the lizard mechanism to develop technology to accumulate water from dry area.

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  1. why are scientests so interested in it


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