Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Dove and Pigeon

Dove is the common name of various species of bird in the family Columbidae, order Columbiformes. Other species in the same family are called Pigeon. There is no biological distinction between the two. Small species are often called Dove, and large species, Pigeon, but this usage is inconsistent. The domestic pigeon, Columba Livia, for example is known also as the rock dove. The reason is historical; dove is of Anglo-Saxon origin, while pigeon are French.

The rock dove is commonly known as the domestic pigeon is familiar as inhabitant City Park and of suburban and rural areas throughout North America and Europe. This kind of pigeon also lets live in park and garden around the Big Ben in England and other tourism city in French.

Pigeon bird in Mecca city of Arab Saudi come breaded from Medina city. This Pigeon Bird represents the livestock animal of Prophet Muhammad wife, Aisyah. This bird has a special character with stripe Grey color in their body, if in Indonesia called as Megan. There are no other color and model of Mecca and Medina pigeon, just one color. This pigeon is let’s living around the mosque, either in Nabawi Mosque or in Haram Mosque and no contaminates with other species.

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