Sunday, June 1, 2008

Cat Bird

Catbird is the common name for birds that belong to several Old and New families and have mewing calls. The grey catbird, Dumetella carolinensis, family Mimidae, is common over most of Nort America from central Canada south (except on the U.S. West Coast), wintering south to central America. Slightly smaller (23 cm/9 in) than the American robin, it is slim and dark grey, with a black and chestnut red under-tail coverts. Although it is not a gifted mimic as the related Mockingbird, the catbird has a large repertoire of notes, which is strings together in a long and variable song.

The grey catbird, named for its strident, catlike whine, can be found in dense thickets in suburbs and parks. So catbird is not cat like but more like bird, this bird also don't like rat for her feed. What is the cat bird eat?, this bird is eaten of insect and seed of many plant.

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