Monday, November 19, 2012

Millipedes Stings Can Harmful

Masyita who slept in the tent with a number of other Scouts contingent gets stung in the back. Some time after that, he fell ill and his body had become bluish-tinged. However, after treat by medical team, the victim can go back to sleep.

After attending the camp on Friday, Nov 16, Masyita fell ill and vomited on her. He was eventually taken to hospital Polewali Mandar, last Saturday.

Branch Chief Scout Polewali Mandar, Andi Masri Masdar, with the local government decided to bring Masyita to Makassar for more intensive care. "Hopefully handled Masyita physician can immediately recover as usual. We hope all parties pray for his recovery," said Andi Masri Masyita while dropping into the ambulance.

A number of families of the victims, including Masnur and Fadila, parents Masyita, had fainted shortly after she moved from ICU room Polewali Mandar District Hospital into the ambulance.

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