Saturday, August 4, 2012

Whales are Stranded in Sumbawa Beach

Giant whale stranded with a length of about 15 feet washed up on shore of West Sumbawa regency Taliwang Balat, Sunday (2/6) at around 00:30 night.

"I wonder about 12.30 am there was a loud roar after that there is a fisherman and local residents who live near the coast and inform what he look at Balat to all the people that there is a beached whale." Fahmi explained to Sumbawa via telephone lines.

At around 2:00 pm last breath blow fish on the coast of Balat, "all citizens and hundreds of people see it in the morning until this afternoon to see the fish," Fahmi said, telling the story of whales are bigger than cars Inova.

Citizens who come to take for the consumption of fish flesh, "so far hundreds of people watching the whales are already dead," said Fahmi.

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