Thursday, November 3, 2011

Arctic Reindeer

Arctic reindeer may be one of the most troublesome animals adapt to the climate. They have thick fur to survive at the poles. However, moments after the escape, Arctic reindeer also must cool his body, though it's in the cold.

Arnold Blix, a biologist from the University of Tromso Norway, and colleagues managed to find a way how to adapt to the arctic deer still feel cool. They publish the results in The Journal of Experimental Biology.

"You dress thick in winter, and if you run, you will feel warm and you then open the jacket and took off his hat. Deer Arctic can not do this.

To find it, Blix Arctic deer train for running on a treadmill at different temperatures, from 10-30 degrees celsius. Furthermore, they see the response. Blix found that deer Arctic started to cool his body with his mouth closed and breathe in cold air from the environment.

This will cool the blood surrounding the nasal passages are then distributed to the venous blood vessels. When this mechanism is not enough, said Blix, deer Arctic will open his mouth and stuck out his tongue like a dog.

This will cool the blood to the efficient and allows them to release body heat by evaporation through the mouth. Well, if in a critical or very hot conditions, deer Arctic cold will drain blood from the nose to the brain.

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