Friday, October 28, 2011

Crocodile Have Tingling Sense

It turned out that crocodiles can also be tickled and they trying to expel the flick because he felt annoyed with her feet to the place in which tingled. Of course, this crocodile can not laughed out as we do if tingled. Though crocodile skin is thick but on certain body parts of this crocodile will feel amused when tickled. Crocodile body parts may be similar to human being is tickled in the armpits, crocodiles also has the same sense, most of people also feel amused if held in the armpit.

This can be done on-site crocodiles captive, beside the crocodile already tame and familiar with crocodile handler also knows the crocodile body parts which can feel amused when tickled. But do not try to a wild crocodiles to be tickled because it will not tickled, but it can bite you.

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