Sunday, January 23, 2011

Antlion or Myrmeleontidae

These animals called in Indonesia as “Undur-undur”, because the larvas of this animal always walk to backward. This animal include as insect belong to the family of Myrmeleontidae. In this world about 2000 species and they spread all over the world, they live in the worm area with sand.

In west country this animal is called as antlion (the giant of ant). This name is given because always hunt ant to feed, by digging for a trap, so assume as the giant for every ant.

Antlion have the real name Myrmeleontidae include of ordo Neuroptera, this name come from Greek language, that means of “wing net.” Adult antliont similar with dragonfly, because have long abdomen with two transparent wing with veined in the thorax. Antlion can differ with dragonfly by the long antenna with the top a little curved. Antliont have smaller than dragonfly, and can’t fly as fast as dragon fly, because they are a weak flyer.

The biggest antlion in the world is from genus Palpares in Africa with a wingspan reaches 16 cm. The species from Arabia just have wingspan about 2 cm, mostly antliont have about 4 to 10 cm.

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