Tuesday, July 14, 2009

New Dinosaurus Australia

Australia known as Island with unique animal like Thorny Devil lizard and kangaroo. Scientist from the museum Queensland that lead by Scott Honcnull, announce their finding of new fossil of dinosaurs from Queensland, Australia.

Theropod is carnivores from Tyrannosaurus rex family found bigger and horrific than Velociraptor that found on the Jurassic film.

Those raptor carnivores is named with Australovenator wintonensis and called as Banjo. “He was fast and frisky.” Scott Hocknull said, “ He can catch his prey easily in the open place. The unique weapon of him is big three paw and sharp on each hand. Not like other theropod with small hand like T-rex, while Banjo is different. His hand really function as a weapon. They are velociraptor from Australia, but bigger and frightening

Meanwhile, other two sauropod plant eater named Witonotitan wattsi ( 'Clancy') and Diamantinasaurus matildae ( 'Matilda'). Witonotitan estimated to have a large and high, while supposedly more similar Diamantinasaurus hippopotamus or rhinoceros.

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