Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Type and Price of Gurame Fish

Soang Gurame
Soang carp have characteristic features with black gray color, comes from Thailand. This type of carp can reach sizes of weighing 8 kg with a length of 65 cm is usually designated as the parent producing eggs.

Egg prices in general as follows:
  • Egg price variation between Rp. 25 per item up to Rp. 80 per item depending on the season.
  • Size nails price of Rp. 1000 per head
  • Size razor Rp. 1700 per head
  • Size matches the price of Rp. 2200 per head
  • Super size Rp. 3500 per head
Japanese Gurame (Japan)
Relatively short body and smaller scales. Size reached only 45 cm with a weight less than 4.5 kg. Japan as carp have scales are not too big and he was short with white-gray and reddish. The other type is known as the red carp.

Type of carp that have long been recognized only two types, namely Japan carp and soang carp, but there are some new strain of carp, there are allegations that the new strains are derivated or cross-breeding of Jepan carp and carp soang, the name is adjusted on each region.

1. carp Porsalin
2. carp Blusafir
3. carp Paris
4. carp Soang
5. Japanese carp
6. carp Bastar

Porcelain carp
Porcelain carp most widely developed in West Java, especially Bogor. Compared to other types of carp, porcelain was superior in producing eggs. If the hybrid parent in each nest is only able to produce 2000-3000 eggs, porcelain capable of 10,000 items. Therefore, people call it as the top of the pop, and the most favored. When viewed from the color are black carp, white and striped.

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