Friday, August 3, 2012

Dodo Bird

Luckily, some creative people discovered that domestic turkey gullets sufficiently mimic the action of the dodo bird's digestive system. They have used turkeys to begin a new generation of the tree, which is now called the dodo tree. If these seedlings survive to produce their own seeds, the species will be saved.

Dodo bird already extinguished at about 1662, and now just the story we can hear the funny bird of Dodo. Many of us feel sorry about this because Dodo bird is not a wild animal but she is really benign animal, the name Dodo is come from France language Duodo that means stupid. Because this bird is don't afraid to human and make this bird easily to catch.

The extinct of this bird beside of human behavior because of the jungle of their life become smaller and also because of other wild animal like cat, dog and monkey. Before human and other animals arrive Dodo bird rather afraid to predators like the rat, pig and monkey made short work to vulnerable dodo eggs in the ground nest. This condition make Dodo bird become easily to catch by predators and even the egg is eaten by many animals.

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