Monday, March 12, 2012

Breaking Ants Path

Accidentally I saw a crowd of ants, which seemed to move their nest. They flock like long marched from one place to another place. I notice actually they walk in two-way, and they meet from opposite directions when they stopped andsomething like a message to fellow ants meet each other.

At the time I was smoking a cigarette, and went through my mind, what happen if I block the track by smoke dust. Intentionally every time my cigarette ashes , then I deliberately dropped in their path. As the ash was little like they are not disturbed, and the line still goes both ways smoothly without any interruption. The more I scatter the ashes in their path, they began frantically looking for a way, and it seems many of them are lost. They did not find the path, even they do not meet with his friends in the opposite direction. The longer the number of ants can through the smoking dust become less. In the end they did not meet each other and nothing else is passing.

From this I conclude from my accidentally experiment that the smell of smoke of cigarette that I'm stocking up with smoke dust strongly influences their communications, although the dust is not hot and not to kill ants, but apparently the smell of cigarette dust break and cut off the communication between the ants. After 1hour later the ants were no longer a through route, even after this blog have written no longer ant in the path.

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