Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Sumenep Resident Spread 3 Sacks of Poisonous Snake in Courtroom

Mohammad Amin is really desperate. Sumber Nangka Villager, District of Arjasa, Sumenep is determined to release dozens of 3 sack of poisonous snakes Sumenep Court building, Tuesday, February 7, 2012.

Amin was assisted of snake charmer who accidentally release snakes. As a result of the action, PN Sumenep employee ran out of the courthouse fear of being bitten by a snake. While Amin was arrested by police for questioning.

Amin claimed the action was done because of land disputes annoyed Elementary School in District Duko I Arjasa among themselves as the heirs of the plaintiff, and the district government as a defendant Sumenep abruptly terminated without the presence of his judges or lawyers. "It's not fair, the law only touches a small community," he said.

According to Amin's action is not to harm people. He just wanted to eradicate the "rats" who inhabit the building the PN Sumenep and can only be destroyed by poisonous snakes. "Last time I came was still reading the conclusion, suddenly I got the copy of the decision that win by District Government," he said with exasperation.

After police secured Amin, dozens of employees of PN Sumenep arrest dozens snake and put into sacks. The snakes were taken to Police headquarters Sumenep as evidence.

The case itself began in 2009. Amin suddenly sealed the building SDN Duko I. He reasoned that the sealing is done because the land area of 2500 m2 which Duko SDN is built belongs to the family and the district government just borrows. "It's been 35 years of my land is used, but we were never able to compensate, so sue me now" he said.

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