Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Biggest Insect

A ranger former who was traveling in New Zealand found the largest insect in the world: a Weta. The span of wings reached 18 cm, while weight is 3 times the weight of mice.

The giant Weta is the biggest insect on the world, and this founding is more bigger that founded before. Motffet and his friend find out this giant insect by combing plants deliberately in order to look for the giant Weta. Mostly people afraid to this giant insect, but Moffet is lying on his hand and giving them a carrot for feed.

This biggest insect behavior look different like other normal insect, don't affraid to human being. This weta eat his carrot, this insect is like don’t care to the human existence, it enjoy the carrot given. After take a picture of this weta then Moffet lying this insect to the ground. Weta has been there for 180 years before dinosaurus exist, and was believed have extinct.

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