Thursday, August 25, 2011

Calf With Five Legs

This incident happen on the Residents of Kepuh Wetan. Village Wirokerten, Banguntapan District, Bantul, Yogyakarta, shocked by the birth of twin calves belonging to Ngadiyono (50). Not because of the twins, but the uniqueness occurs in one cow because it has five legs.

Calf which was about a week it has now become a spectacle of local people. Although smaller, an additional one foot behind the right front leg, complete as a normal cow leg. "When the mother gave birth, the baby turned out really small twins, male and female. Strangely that females have five legs," said Ngadiyono.

The calf was also made cattle owners wonder because of the birth four times, had never experienced such oddities. "Previously only give birth one at a time, not like now," said Ngadiyono.

Like their parent, the two calves are also in maroon. Until now, the baby cows are born looking healthy and agile. Even the five-legged cow baby actually looks more agile when compared to the normal twin sister.

Many residents who live around the village Wirokerten continued to arrive to witness firsthand the five-legged cow. Twin cattle owner considers this event as a gift. He was not intending to sell it and will temporarily maintain into adulthood.

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