Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Air Purifier For Fish

The Lecturer and student of Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB) to develop water purification technology for fish farming ponds in a way to recycle the dirty water pond. In addition to saving water, this innovation could make the fish seed is superior.

Technology aqua culture recirculation system was pioneered by I Gede Suantika since 2001. Initially the system was aimed at developing the zooplankton, the natural food for the fry. But now evolved to produce a superior fish seedlings. "Its production become higher and wastes almost zero waste or no waste," he said at the ITB East Hall,last Saturday.

Water from the fish pond filter applied to the bath first. Tub was filled with pieces of carpet to filter impurities and residual fish feed furthermore, water is pumped into the protein skimmer pipe tower. Here, the ozone gas sprayed to the water with hi-blow machine to kill bacteria.

The water flowed back into the tube containing activated carbon to be filtered. On the last tub or pond biofilter, gravel and water were given bio ball. The result is passed back to the fish pond. "As soon as the process continues, the water could always be clean again," said the lecturer of Ecology Research Group School of Biological Sciences ITB's.

This technology is applied in the laboratory and succeeded in breeding fish cultivation land and sea, such as tilapia, Gold Fish, carp, catfish, prawns, barramundi, and Bawal.

In the pool, according to research team member Hendrawandi Derrick, age of fish harvest also faster because of feeding can be more without the worry of pond water becomes dirty. With the old way, draining the pool water performed 2 weeks. The harvest of fish could be a month sooner.

Today's technology has been applied to breeder fish cultivation in Cianjur, West Java. Using two pools, each covering an area of the badminton court and with a capacity 70 tons of fish, appliance installation fee of Rp 100-120 million. "It is rather expensive at the beginning, but its production can be doubled from the usual," he said.

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