Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Giant Ant

This ant just fossil that is founded in Wyoming, United States, that predict the age about 50 years. This ant included of monster because the body have 5 centimeters long while other finding in out of US just has 3 centimeters long.

This full fossil have founded on Green River formation by fossil collector, Louis Lube. Now this fossil is kept in Sains Museum and Alam Denver.

Fosil utuh itu ditemukan pada Formasi Green River oleh kolektor fosil, Louis Lube. Kini fosil itu disimpan di Museum Sains dan Alam Denver. The ancient expert from Simon Fraser University said, this is the giant ant, like other giant ant in Germany.

Archibald name it with Titanomyrma Lubei, allegedly that this ant is migrated from several continent, from outside of United States to Wyoming several million years ago, across the mainland Arkik when the temperature was warm.