Sunday, February 7, 2010


The peccary is an Antiodactyl, (even toed) mammal native to the Western Hemipshere from Texas to Patagonia. The family, Tayassuidae, consists of two genera, Catagonus and Tayassu. Peccaries are closely related to the swine family and fill similar ecologycal niches. They differ from pigs in several ways, however, including the possession of a dorsal musk gland. The body is 75 - 90 cm (30 - 35 in) long and weight up to 30 kg (66 lb). The slim legs end in sharp, two toed hooves.

The Snout is cylindrical, and spearlike upper canine teeth give peccaries the alternative javelina. The animals can run quickly. They live in groups in a wide range of habitats and feed on insects and small animals.

The collored peccary lives in deserts, dry woodlands, and can forests from the southwestern United States to Argentina, most often in groups of 5 to 15 animals.

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