Monday, January 18, 2010

Rhinoceros Sumatra Birth

A male sumatra rhinocheros (Rhinoceros sumatranensis) called as Andalas, an endanger animal, that already 8 years old bird in the Zoo of Cincinati, Ohio, US at the end. This rhino was mating with female Sumatra rhino called as Ratu in the nature reserve Rhino Sumatra Way Kambas, Lampung. Before this Rhino is removed to Way kambas on 2007 that is difficult to mate.
Andalas have matted with Ratu at December 4, 2009 and about December 20, last year. Even though success being mate, Ratu difficult pregnant, about 18 times of mating this rhino can pregnant.

 This endanger animals of Indonesia is difficult to breed, or breeding in the captivity. The fertility of this rhino is difficult to know except by Ultra Sonography (USG). A female rhino on lust condition difficult to know the sign.

A male rhino, Andalas follow to the International breeding program through methodology on the zoo of Cincinnati. On the last program this zoo success to breed tree female rhinos name with Emi that already dead on 21 years old because of sick. The expert hope this program can breed Andalas with female rhina in the nature reserve in order can add the population of Sumatra rhino in the world. Rhinoceros population in the world just about 200s.

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