Monday, February 16, 2009

Poisonous Toilet Spider

This is important for you that want to defecate using sit-toilet and find a spider like on the drawing below.

This spider called as Stripped Telamonia, this spider have small size about as big as corn seed and have unique color. Three women get into hospital and being treated for 5 days and died. All the patient have the same symptom such as cold, fever and vomit continue with loose feeling on all the muscle, look there is no traumatic syndrome.

An autopsy result that the poisonous contains on the blood and there is a small bitten wound on their right bottom. Then known that all victim just visit to the certain restaurant before they are died. Health of Department then closed the Restaurant for observation, food, water AC system and all observed, without any result.

The clue founded after the servant said that 3 of the victims are not eat in the restaurant, they just using toilet. Then the Toxicologist remember to certain article they read, he back to the restaurant and go to the toilet, and up the toilet base. Under the chair is not seen by eyes, there is a small spider. The spider then being captured and bring to the laboratory. Then they know that that spider is Telamonia with two stipped or Two Stripped Telamonia (Telamo nia Demidiata), called like that because their meat is red color.

This spider is very poisonous but need for several days before the effect merge. This spiders is life in cold place and high humidity. The toilet base is the perfect place for this spider.

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