Saturday, September 6, 2008

Turtle Conservation

To protect this endanger animal an animal love organization in Panama work and try to conserve this animal from destruction. The project is done in Soropta and Playa Larga of Panama Beach.

Many people have hunter the turtle such as painted turtle for their meat and also for the egg that can be taken very easy in the beach which this turtle usually eggs. Their eggs is similar with chicken eggs, every time one turtle egg can produce 100 to 200 eggs depends on the turtle size and big. For young turtle sometime hunt for getting meat, so this condition make this animal become endanger in the world.

As those organization found in Panama about 35 turtles were killed annually, may be this mean that adult turtle found dead of killed. The population of this turtles in Panama is predicted only hundreds if the condition can't be stopped can cause this turtle will extinct.

The main goal is environmental education is an important part of the programmed and their biologists visit local schools to talk about conservation and the need to protect the turtles. Employee eight local men as beach guards and assistants at Soropta and it is rewarding to see how interested they have become in turtle conservation. They also work with local groups on neighboring San-San and Sixaola beaches to provide incentive and some organization for protection of their beach.

Hope that their work will have a great result and can save this sea turtle from extinction. Someday people will very difficult to find turtle in free nature because human always hunt this animal for their food, people too indulge want have free a lot of eggs and never consider their continues existence in the world.

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