Monday, April 7, 2008

Przewalski's Horse

Przewalski’s horse, Equus przewalskii, is the last surviving subspecies of the wild true Horse. Remaining known speciments exist in zoos. The horse resembles a heavy-boned pony, standing about 12-14 hands (122-142 cm/48-56 in) tall. Its coat is reddish tan, a long face, and a strong lower jaw. It was discovered and identified near the Altai Mountains of Central Asia by Russian explorer Nikolai Prxhevalsky(1839-88) about 1879. It has changed little since the time of its prehistoric depiction on cave walls in France and Spain.

Przewalski’s wild horse was depicted in paintings and sculpture by early Stone Age humans. This horse is cautious near people; a stallion will warm his mares away from farm or towns.

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