Thursday, March 6, 2008

Baboon and Cat

This is the story of Baboon called Helen that tries to give lesson to a small cat called Fluffy. A small cat called Fluffy patiently follows the Lesson given by a baboon. According to note accompanying this photo, what arrive at the National Geographic in the year 1956, but have never been published. Baboon mains try to make the Fluffy sit erectly like a bright monkey’s baby, but the catty always fallen down return above fourth of its foot/feet. This matter is unlikely existed. The baboon called Helen, representing show animal in Institute Reptile Rosa Allen, a zoo founded in 1929 in Silver Springs, The Strait of Florida. Helen possible represent the remains from a period when film Tarzan made in this area and Allen provide the special animal trained on how to playing a part of film produce the Hollywood made there.

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