Thursday, December 6, 2007

Panda's Life

He has a thick cheek. Its sleep shortens but often. Eat to use the hand and sleep with his mother. This is panda child which born the weighing only some just ounce but after 6 month his weight become 20 kgs. Not every zoo can have panda, the problems are on import the panda from china that must have a guarantee of being the continuity of life for the panda.

For zoo host looking after giant panda, expense finished by mean of American 2,6 million dollar one year. If the panda bear children who is usually twin, hence total cost to look after the panda therewith its child will reach 4 million dollar one year.

In American Zoo, animal which is a lot of getting this publication get best of everything; modern habitat and innovative with the service monitor the video from all pawing and veterinary which is the full of devotion. Fresh supply Bamboo which is abundance, added with the carrot, roots, and also biscuit full of vitamin and mineral eaten special. Expense for the attention of which is extra this finish thousands of dollar one year.

In the year 1988 Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) release the policy which dare to: If zoos wish the panda, they have to become the Chinese partner in conservation of giant panda. Chinese need that aid. their Conservation agent need the pandemic elementary science information of panda, hormone, skilled of social, and requirement for the space of personal facility.

Until about year 1998 then mortality for the baby of enlarged by hand of human being in room; dead almost 100 %. While when panda bearing children by his mother which this twin mean, usually he only take care one of the twin and let the other. For panda child which born by human care, nurse by people will try to save the panda child which newborn castaway, but almost always fail. Panda child obtain formula of dog milk, until come the expert from San of Ego Zoo by formula for substitution, its look like with the high fatty milk as what a panda child get which their mother milk.

Giant panda which live free nature really rareness, black bear population and white bear free nature only about 1590. They live in hill petrifying stone in Province Sichuan, Shaanxi And Gansu. Panda Age in free nature reach 15 years.

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